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Formed in 2001 Pathways consist of Producer/Cameraman Peter Thornton and Writer/Presenter Ray Riches.

Peter had been a Fire Service Officer for 25 years and also filmed hundreds of weddings, stage shows and events in the area before teaming up with Ray.

Ray had been a teacher for 30 years and a prominent actor, past President, an active Producer and Director at the Little Theatre in Hebden Bridge.

Our first film was released in November 2002 and featured a walk on the Rochdale Canal from Manchester to Sowerby Bridge and is entitled "A Walk on t'Cut"

A year later "A Walk on t'Long Cut" was released which followed the Leeds/Liverpool Canal from Leeds to East Marton near Skipton.


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In 2004/05 Pathways decided to take a look at the Bronte family and found the Bronte Way footpath from Birstall near Leeds to Padiham near Burnley. The footpath visits all the important places associated with the literary family, we split the film into two parts entitled "Bronte Ways Part 1 and 2"

The Mary Towneley Bridleway which dips in and out of Lancashire and Yorkshire was the 2007 project entitled "Looping the Loop", this long distance bridleway is popular with walkers, cyclists and horse riders.

Hardcastle Crags is a National Trust property near Hebden Bridge and provided Pathways with a year long seasonal look at this beautiful valley in 2009.

In 2010 we decided to follow the Calderdale Way footpath which encircles Calderdale and gives great views and interesting history of the area, we entitled this double DVD "Around Calderdale"

The main town in Calderdale is Halifax and in 2011 Pathways undertook a huge project of looking back at the history of Halifax as well as an up to date catalogue of the interesting buildings and trades of the town, the double DVD tells the story of this fine town.

In 2013 we decided to begin a new venture of looking at the Valleys of Calderdale and began with "The Shibden Valley" which lies in the east of Calderdale, known for it's beautiful countryside, the Shibden Valley also supplied us with much history and stories.

Continuing the Valleys of Calderdale  theme we moved to "Ripponden and Ryburn Valley" in 2014 and beginning at Baitings Reservoir at the head of the valley followed the brook down to Ripponden and eventually Sowerby Bridge.

In 2015 "The Luddenden Valley" was our project from Fly Flatts on the moorland, the ruins of the Castle Carr estate, the villages of Wainstalls, Booth and Luddenden before ending at Luddenden Foot in the valley bottom.

Our 2016 project is "Mytholmroyd and Cragg Vale" covering the history of Cragg Vale, the Coiners story, the old millls and beautiful views before looking at Mytholmroyd and it’s many different historical buildings.

In 2017 the charming town of Hebden Bridge is our subject with it’s many festivals and exhibitions, double decker housing,  theatres and cinemas, we trace it’s growth from a small hamlet to a tourist centre.

Our final film is “Heptonstall & The Colden Valley” in 2018, this ancient village stands on the hillside above Hebden Bridge and the Colden Valley extends from Mytholm to the moors above.